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General Synod: reports on the first women bishops debate

Synod debated the report of the Women Bishops Legislative Drafting Group this morning. The debate was on a “take-note” motion (which was passed). There will be debate on what to do next on Monday afternoon.

Here are the early press reports.

Ruth Gledhill in the Times Church of England faces ruin over women bishops

Tom Chivers and agencies in the Telegraph Introduce women bishops, Synod told

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Robert ian Williams
Robert ian Williams
15 years ago

Did you see the ordination supplement in the Church Times. the sheer force of numbers is on the womens side…

2033….25 years hence

How could a Church seriously have 50 percent women clergy and 20 per cent male clergy ordained by women bishops, unrecogniseded by a free diocese, where Reform and FIF were fighting out a battle for its governance.

15 years ago

If the CofE is really in threat of being ruined by (*gasp*) women bishops, it can’t have been very strong to begin with.

15 years ago

“Church of England faces ruin over women bishops”

Chill out, Ruth! This drama queen frenzy you’re working yourself into, will give you indigestion… ;-X

15 years ago

Is a significant minority that might actually leave for Rome the ruin of Anglicanism? Even of CoE? I would alternatively suppose, any departures might be just the logical adjustment that preserves and expresses big tent Anglicanism since after all Rome is headed up now by a pope who once headed the most powerful successor to the most fearsome Inquisition? Face set like a flint against anything but a males-only priesthood. Women saved in childbearing and quietness, doncha know? Those who dearly wish to follow Jesus of Nazareth by avoiding non-conformity will never have an easy path inside global Anglicanisms as… Read more »

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