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Archbishop of Canterbury's Sermon at York Minster

The Archbishop of Canterbury preached at the 10 am Eucharist at York Minster yesterday. The service was attended by most members of General Synod as well as by the regular minster congregation. The text of the Archbishop’s sermon is now online here.

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Hoding on by fingertips.
Hoding on by fingertips.
15 years ago

How interesting that as soon as a group (women) after 2000 years are on the verge of joining those who are not in the waterless pits (ie those in power in the Church) suddenly the emphasis shifts to those who are newly in the pits. Hmmm.

Cynthia Gilliatt
Cynthia Gilliatt
15 years ago

Can someone explain to me why this is supposed to have shown the ABC’s resolve or whatever? What am I missing that makes this so earthshaking to some? It just sounds like more of the same [and atlength).

Spirit of Vatican II
15 years ago

Well, it is a biblical meditation that puts the issue-squabbles in the largest perspective and encourages mutual charity all round. Is not that just the kind of perspective one expects a good church leader to authoritatively establish?

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