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General Synod – detailed Church Times reports

The detailed reports in the Church Times of the recent Church of England General Synod are now available to non-subscribers.

Index to all reports

The reports on the women bishops debates

Women bishops: debate: ‘I know people say that bishops can’t be trusted, but I think I can’ – reports of the Bishop of Manchester’s preentation on the Friday evening and the take note debate on the Saturday.
Women bishops: the vote – the main debate on Monday 7 July

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15 years ago

This is a pure curiousity question – Does anyone know how many Bishops failed to show for the last Lambeth? Or the previous one? I ask since we hear endlessly about the 220 or so Bishops who did not come this year- but,surely, there is never 100% attendance – so the question relates to the marginal difference and not the absolute number quoted in the press

Simon Sarmiento
15 years ago

I think this question is on the wrong thread, but the exact same question was asked yesterday in the earlier briefing at Canterbury for the press, about which I am to blog shortly.
We were promised answers to it today.
Let’s save further comments on this topic for the correct thread…

Göran Koch-Swahne
15 years ago

Which is …?

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