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SPCK bookshops saga update

The last update on here was CartoonChurch and the owner of the former SPCK bookshops.

Matt Wardman now reports: Dave Walker/SPCK Bookshops Campaign Moving Soon.

The place to which this move is taking place is: SPCK/SSG: News, Notes & Info.

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Tom Allen
15 years ago

I am sure that the moving the focus of the campaign to one site is really welcome – it was becoming quite hard to keep track with all the links. Perhaps we should also consider nominating Mark J Brewer for some awards such as the ” best own goal” in Marketing – certainly the support of Private Eye is hugely valuable and national press coverage should be sought. When the Bishops are back from their post Lambeth holidays then it would worth pursuing SPCK’s Trustees for some more up-front response – it was after all their misjudgement which triggered this… Read more »

Mark Bennet
Mark Bennet
15 years ago

As I understand it, SPCK insisted on some restrictive covenants on some of the properties SSG took over – that they should be run as bookshops with a multi-denominational character -or something similar.

What I’m wondering is whether the bankruptcy in the US will prompt the Charity Commission and trade suppliers to see if there is a way forward in relation to those properties – in relation to the covenanted charitable purpose under the auspices of a new/alternative (solvent) (?interdenominational) charity.

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