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Updated Tuesday morning

Thinking Anglicans is not the only place on the internet for learning what happens this week at General Synod.

The official GS website pages start here.

The unofficial General Synod Blog can be found here.

Premier Christian Radio will have a live audio feed of sessions.

The Church Times Blog is here.

Changing Attitude

We will add to this list any other sources that we learn about during the week.


  • dodgey_vicar says:

    It may not be, but it is the one that I trust.

    Keep up the good work

  • Mark Bennet says:

    The live feed is good, but was a little intermittent.

    However, listening to part of the questions session – which was very interesting – without being able to find the questions on the website was quite a challenge.

    Also reference was made in the debate on the business committee report to a list of outstanding Diocesan Synod Motions as part of the agenda. But I can’t find the list on the General Synod web pages either.

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