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CofE website wants user feedback

The Church of England website wants feedback from users.

See the press release What are you surfing for?

The Church of England is increasingly using a range of new media in order to enhance its web presence. So, the webmasters of the national Church of England web-site, recognising the need to engage directly with visitors to the site, have launched an on-line survey to gather visitors’ views.

It is available now at and will be there until the end of March…

The site was designed by ILRT Bristol and launched in 2004.

TA readers are strongly encouraged to respond to the survey.

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Helen Rawdon
Helen Rawdon
15 years ago

I believe the time has come for those opposed to women priests/bishops to leave the Anglican Communion. There is no appeasement – we need to move on. This ‘orthodox mindset’ – this resistance to change – is holding us back – is quenching the Spirit.
I believe that He has chosen a new voice for His church. This isn’t secularism, this is the living Christ at work in today’s society employing the most effective channels, as He has always done, to refresh His message of love peace and forgiveness to the world.

15 years ago

“I believe the time has come for those opposed to women priests/bishops to leave the Anglican Communion, etc….”

Very gracious, indeed.

So 30 years ago the systematic ordination of women hadn’t yet happened, and now it’s not only doctrine but the litmus test of True Anglicanism? I wonder what the Progressive Wing will decide is mandatory tomorrow? Sorry, but count me out of this particular version of “love peace and forgiveness.” I support the ordination of women, but this is just not on.

15 years ago

Can I ask what this has to do with the CofE’s website survey? I’d support Simon’s encouragement to fill out the survey – that website could be considerably better than it is.

Helen Rawdon
Helen Rawdon
15 years ago

Dear Billy D I stand corrected! I suspect my use of the term ‘orthodox mindset’ has precipitated your response. I should have mentioned that I treasure the Anglican tradition as long as it genuinely remains infused with Divine inspiration. I chose the term – I now concede, unwisely,- to identify what,in my experience, has been a pseudo-traditional culture adopted by those who resist women’s priesthood. The term secularism has, also in my experience, been well over used as convenient justification to deter others from accepting this legistative change. I truly apologise for offence caused my my loose terminology. I just… Read more »

Simon Sarmiento
15 years ago

Yes, these comments do not relate to this item, and if I had been more awake at the time, I wouldn’t have approved them.

Please limit comments here to the topic of the article, and move any further conversation about other topics to a more appropriate place.


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