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General Synod – Archbishop of Canterbury's Presidential Address

The Archbishop of Canterbury gave his Presidential Address to General Synod this afternoon. Read it online here.

The Archbishop addressing the Synod


  • john says:

    A noble and moving address and a challenge alike for ‘liberals’ and ‘traditionalists’. Whatever about the past and other contexts, he’s certainly doing some ‘leading’ here.

  • JCF says:

    Photographs on TA? Oh, Simon, PLEASE don’t make a habit of it. For those of us w/ dial-up, TA’s neat&clean format is such a blessing to (quickly) load!

  • Father Ron Smith says:

    Three cheers for Rowan. He deserves encouragement for his eirenic determination to include all who want to be included – provided they stick to the moratoria laid down by Windsor. Too bad the Global South colonisers can never agree to that.
    Which probably means that no-one else will agree to the restrictions laid upon them, either.

    This will be a very tricky General Synod – keenly watched from other Churches of the Communion. The outcome of the of the issue of women bishops, especially, will be monitored closely by those of us in other parts of the Communion who truly believe that God is calling women to share in the leadership of the Church as bishops. We do have the advantage, though, of having benefitted from the ministry of women in the episcopate of our Anglican-oriented Churches for some time now.

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