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General Synod – detailed Church Times reports part 2

We published links to some of the Church Times detailed reports on this month’s General Synod last week. The remainder are now generally available.

UNIQUENESS OF CHRIST: Bishops asked for help in pressing Christian claims

DRAINAGE BILLS: Water charges are taxation, Synod told

YOUTH LITURGY: Request for teenage eucharistic prayers rejected

ANGLICAN COVENANT: Wide-ranging opinions on the St Andrew’s Draft

ASYLUM: Let asylum-seekers work, urges Synod

INTERFAITH WITNESS: Update given on bridge-building effort

RETREAT HOUSES: Fears for diocesan quiet places

CHURCH FEES: ‘Brown envelopes’ debated


FINANCIAL CRISIS: Members have an economics seminar

CHURCH’S VOICE: Faith is ‘not a private matter’

HUMAN TRAFFICKING: ‘The white van that slows down in my parish in the middle of the day . . .’




CRISIS RESPONSE: ‘We have been stealing from the next generation’

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Robert Ian Williams
Robert Ian Williams
15 years ago

Mrs Sarah Finch stated at Synod, referring to TEC… How has this come about? For more than 30 years a gradual drift away from the authority of Scripture has meant a gradual change in Anglican faith and practice in North America. So gradual, so slow, that unless you had your wits about you, you would not realise the enormous distance that has been covered in those years – and the result? A very different version of Christianity in which the uniqueness of Christ we were talking about yesterday is doubted, if not actually contradicted, and Scriptural teaching in matters of… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
15 years ago

Robert, can you tell us what is the substantive difference between divorce and annulment – except that some of us know the financial cost of the latter process – they both speak of separation.

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