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Rochester: media coverage

Updated further on Monday morning

Ruth Gledhill The Times Bishop of Rochester steps down early

Jonathan Wynne-Jones Telegraph Bishop of Rochester is stepping down

Ruth Gledhill The Times Bishop of Rochester to resign a decade early

Jonathan Wynne-Jones Telegraph Michael Nazir-Ali steps down as Bishop of Rochester

Press Association via the Guardian Controversial bishop quits Rochester diocese

Damian Thompson Telegraph The resignation of Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali is a victory for Islamism

Kent Online Bishop of Rochester resigns

BBC Bishop of Rochester stands down

Jonathan Wynne-Jones Sunday Telegraph Bishop of Rochester resigns to become defender of persecuted Christians

Ruth Gledhill Sunday Times Radical bishop quits early for new mission

Sunday Times leading article A troublesome priest in a timid church

Mail on Sunday Church of England’s most outspoken and only black Bishop is to quit

Note This headline was changed some time after 8 am Sunday, but here is the evidence of the earlier version.

The new headline is Bishop Nazir-Ali, scourge of Church liberals, steps down.

Independent Bishop of Rochester retires

United Press International Pakistani bishop in England resigns

Sunday Mirror I quit: Islam row bishop headline changed to Islam row Bishop of Rochester to step down.

Associated Press of Pakistan Bishop Ali to quit his post: a report

George Pitcher Telegraph Bishop Nazir-Ali retires; a rebellion fizzles out

Riazat Butt Guardian Michael Nazir-Ali steps down to focus on helping persecuted Christians

Ekklesia Anglican bishop resigns and announces plan to support harassed Christians

Melanie Phillips Mail When a bishop has to leave the Church of England to stand up for Christians, what hope is left for Britain?
and a Mail Comment article, We’re losing our faith in a desperate bid to appear inclusive and tolerant


  • You got to love Damian Thompson. He’s like Cato, ending every speech, article and blog post with “Islamo delenda est”

  • rjb says:

    I’m not sure what is most horrifying: Damian Thompson’s column, or the comments under it.

    Ruth Gledhill reports that the Bishop is leaving “to build bridges between Christians and Muslims” in Pakistan. This is undoubtedly a worthy motive, though it is questionable how far he has gone to achieve that goal in this country.

  • Father Ron Smith says:

    “Much of his new work will involve minority Christian groups in Pakistan – where he was born -and in the Middle East, but Nazir-Ali is thought to be keen to retain a domestic role in Britain as well.” – Ruth Gledhill – Times online –

    One can only hope that Bishop Nazir-ali’s new role in Pakistan will be eirenic in nature, and not quite so full-one aggressiave towards Muslims as his prectice in the U.K. He needs to examine the ABC’s policy on inter-religious dialogue, which should stand him in better stead than his strongly oppositional stance up until now.

    One wonders what sort of role he might be given in the Church of England now. Perhaps it would be better for him to concentrate on his evangelical gifts in his native land, where he might be able to help the small Christian community to grow – not by aggressive policies, but by peaceful dialogue. “They will know you are my disciples by your love” – was the word of Jesus. Disciples were never won by confrontational tactics. What the world needs is unity – not uniformity.

  • Pete Broadbent says:

    Nice to see that the Mail on Sunday has become colour-blind – “only black bishop” – don’t tell Sentamu!

  • That headline has since been changed, as noted above.

    What is even weirder about it though, is that the story was first published with a correct headline, some time prior to 10.30 pm Saturday, viz

    Church of England’s most outspoken and only Asian Bishop is to quit

    and that headline was then changed to be wrong!

  • Merseymike says:

    Clearly positioning himself to be the new UK leader of any new body which comes into existence – the Akinolite Jensenist tendency.

    The Church of England should celebrate!

  • dodgey_vicar says:

    re: Melanie Phillips article
    But it sells papers…

  • drdanfee says:

    My best guess for now is that the ex-Rochester – now with a title rather like a Stradivarius identifier? – will be keeping his options open. Thus flexibly positioned he can consider whatever the right wings of global Anglicanism can offer. This ranges across positions and situations, no doubt.

    From a virtual reality position – but above xDuncan? – in leading the so-called emergent third province in North America? (But how will turning up the hot button polarizations with Islam actually help in USA? Would we see a new anti-Islam campaign on the USA rights as larger context for helping the new province find new people to target? Winning new souls to Christ by calling new people, new foul names?)

    To Paki return, right when USA policy is pumping money, calling for accountability/transparency, seeking measure-able outcomes, and oh yes, trying to be a big tent diplomacy outfit under new President Obama? Will painting all Islam with evil-terrorist colors actually help, even back in Pakistan? When the announced USA hope is that Islamic moderates can be peeled off from El Quaida? Or from Talibanist communities?

    To any number of other options?

    Problem is, I cannot quite see how the Ex-Rochester’s commitments to targeting, rightwing hegemony in scripture-reading, and determined small tent conservative Anglican manners will help build up anybody in the long, long, long run.

    Maybe it is all down to an impending power vacuum on the Anglican rights – as rightwing dissenters in USA slowly but surely lose their property claims court cases, as neither TEC nor Canada immediately dries up to fade away into oblivion without rightwing shenanigans of all kinds, and as Akinola retires, and as Africa continues to suffer in so many ways that are nearly beyond comprehension. Unentangled, Nazir-Ali is positioned to be holy rightwing man of the global Anglican moment. Stay tuned. But rest assured, it will still be the same old thang, no matter what else seems to change on the Anglican rights: Dug in, way too deep, those rights.

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