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G20: report on PPF and today's communiqué

Dave Walker has published a comprehensive report on Saturday’s events, at the Church Times blog. He concludes his report with this:

…Overall, a worthwhile event. I personally was disappointed by the turnout at the service, but it didn’t really surprise me given the lack of interest there seemed to be from Christians on blogs and social networking sites in the week leading up to it (feel free to disagree or twll me why that is in the comments below). However, the ‘Put People First’ event as a whole seemed to be well reported in the Sunday papers and appears to have done well in terms of getting its message out. Let’s hope that the G20 leaders, meeting this week, heed that message. I will be blogging from the G20 meeting – more about that in another post.

See Report from the ‘Put People First’ service and rally.

Lambeth Palace has published a communiqué from a wide range of religious leaders in Britain. See G20 leaders must not forget promises to the poor – Religious Leaders Communiqué:

We write as religious leaders who share a belief in God and the dignity of human life. We wish to acknowledge with realism and humility the severity of the current economic crisis and the sheer complexity of the global and local challenge faced by political leaders. We pray for the leaders of the G20 as they prepare to meet in London this week. They, and we, have a crucial role to play in recovering that lost sense of balance between the requirements of market mechanisms that help deliver increased prosperity, and the moral requirement to safeguard human dignity, regardless of economic or social category…

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Cheryl Va.
15 years ago

Sorry Dave

Lack of communication does not always signify lack of interest. At the moment it is a time to sit back and allow others to play their moves and come into maturity in their own right. For example, Obama is still early in his presidency.

On a personal level, key players souls’ hearts are in the right place, so there needs to be trust that they can mature in their own right. The ripples from the reforms are still moving forward, so it is a time for prayer and observation.

15 years ago

A wide ranging interview regarding recent and past lectures has reference to the G20…

Dave Walker
15 years ago


Prayer and observation is good and well, but I don’t think that we can sit back and trust world leaders to do the right thing. On climate for instance, if we don’t act now whilst we have an opportunity we may never act.

Perhaps I’m over optimistic about the world, but I’d have hoped that some of the UK’s most significant Christian organisations could muster more than 1500 people at this crucial time.


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