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G20 and the churches

Updated again Friday evening

Dave Walker is providing comprehensive coverage of G20 events, and you can follow his reports at the Church Times blog and on Twitter.

For more details see his post here.

Some transcripts:

Archbishop of Canterbury Interview with Radio 4 ‘Today’ programme ahead of G20 summit

Gordon Brown PM’s speech at St Paul’s Cathedral

Friday updates

Bill Bowder in the Church Times has Agencies question G20 ‘triumph’

THE TRIUMPHAL end of the G20 leaders’ meeting in London, and its pledge of $1.1 trillion of fiscal support, was questioned by aid agencies yesterday (Thursday).

The leaders agreed that, besides fresh plans to stimulate the global economy and action to close tax havens, at total of $750 billion would be made available to the International Monetary Fund to support struggling economies. A key element of the plan was to increase the funding available to developing countries hit by the global downturn.

Who will benefit from the new plan, and how, will not be clear for some time, campaigners were saying yesterday. The Put People First Coalition, a group of 160 organisations, including the TUC, Oxfam, Christian Aid, Tearfund, ActionAid, World Vision, and Friends of the Earth, asked whether the package was enough of a break from the “failed policies that brough about the global crisis”.

Dave Walker wrote earlier: Thoughts on the final communique and has now added G20 Blog: Christian development agencies disappointed by G20 communique.

The full text of the communiqué can be found here (scroll down for links to the two annexes).

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Graham Kings
15 years ago

Archbishop Shaves off his Beard: Prophetic Act for G20 Summit.

15 years ago

If our faith was first born in the middle of the global deserts, as world empire faded; if we next moved on to the green oases of innumerable courts where court life (and its intrigues) occupied us; then now surely we are moving on, to wander among all the planetary seasides as our oil reserves run resolutely dry, contemplating the powers and seasons of that most fluid ocean – several yet one, globally. The surging waters of change make waves all around us, not least now financially in a global economy more immediately interconnected; yet also in every other single… Read more »

15 years ago


As you posted that after 12 noon, does it still count as an April Fool?

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