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update on Inclusive Church

First, there is a fund-raising event:

Friday 26 June • 6.00pm–9.00pm
Inclusive Church Presents…
The National Gallery. Your own private view.
with Neil MacGregor and Nicholas Holtam
followed by a reception buffet with wine at St Martin-in-the-Fields
Tickets £75

A unique opportunity to view some of the famous works hung in The National Gallery, London as well as the chance to hear Neil and Nicholas discuss some of the Gallery’s artworks. Later in the evening there will also be a opportunity to see the newly-restored St Martin’s and a very special illuminated Bible that is currently being exhibited there.

Neil MacGregor is Director of the British Museum and was, from 1987-1992, Director of the National Gallery. Nicholas Holtam is Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields.

Further details from or download the flier with full information and booking form from here.

Second, there is additional information about the residential conference “Word on the Street – reading the Bible inclusively” on Monday 5th – Wednesday 7th October 2009. See earlier article here.

The Most Revd Dr Idris Jones, Primus of Scotland and one of IC’s Patrons will preside at the eucharist – Canon Frankie Ward from Bradford Cathedral will be our inspiring and exciting preacher, and Dr Andrew Mein from Westcott will speak on Inclusion and the Old Testament.

Download the PDF with full details of the conference and a booking form from here.

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Martin Reynolds
Martin Reynolds
15 years ago

Is this the same Dr Idris Jones who along with his fellow Scottish bishops would not darken the door of their clergy’s celebrations of a Civil Partnership. Having abjured such attendance we must assume that this would include their own children if they happened to be a cleric. Is it the same Idris Jones who has foresworn ordaining to the episcopate any openly gay cleric despite their valid election? And then to have the affrontery to describe this cruel discrimination as “gracious restraint”? And is this the celebrant of an INCLUSIVE Church Eucharist? These are the actions expected of a… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
15 years ago

Martin Reynolds. Perhaps really true Inclusivity welcomes even those who themselves may have already compromised their own proclamation of what true inclusivity is all about. There are plenty of clerics – even in high office – whose ministry may be compromised by double-entendre in their revealed attitude towards women and the LBGT community. What we really need is advocates who are uncompromising. Only then will the Gospel be able to be openly proclaimed to ALL.

Kelvin Holdsworth
15 years ago

Oh no, Martin, it is worse than you think. Scottish Bishops certainly turn up to civil partnership celebrations – photos on blogs and facebook pages tell us that. What they refuse to do is turn up if there is anyone threatening to pray.

Which seems rather odd behaviour for Christian leaders.

Martin Reynolds
Martin Reynolds
15 years ago

As you say Kelvin – even worse than I thought ………….

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