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General Synod – July 2009 – online papers

Updated Monday 22 June, Tuesday 23 June, Thursday 2 July, Wednesday 22 July, Monday 27 July, Friday 31 July

Many papers for next month’s meeting of General Synod are now online. The list below will be updated as the remainder become available. Papers are also listed when they are known to exist but are not yet online.


Outline agenda
Full agenda

Papers for debate

The scheduled day for debate or presentation is appended.

GS 1642D Draft Amending Canon No 28 [Saturday]

GS 1692B Draft Vacancies in Suffragan Sees and other Ecclesiastical Offices Measure [Saturday]
GS 1693B Draft Crown Benefices (Parish Representatives) Measure [Saturday]
GS 1692-3Z report by the Steering Committee

GS 1715A Draft Ecclesiastical Fees (Amendment) Measure [Saturday]
GS 1715Y report from the Revision Committee

GS 1723 Christian Stewardship: Report from the National Stewardship Committee [Friday]

GS 1724 Additional Weekday Lectionary and Amendments to Calendar, Lectionary and Collects [Saturday]

GS 1725 Opening the Doors: Report from the Committee for Ministry of and among Deaf and Disabled people, and the Mission and Public Affairs Division [Sunday]

GS 1726 The Ecclesiastical Offices (Terms of Service) Regulations 2009 [Monday]
GS 1726X Explanatory Memorandum

GS 1727 Draft Care of Cathedrals Measure
GS 1727X Explanatory Memorandum

GS 1729 Business Committee Report [Friday]

GS 1730 Archbishops’ Council’s Draft Budget and Proposals for Apportionment for 2010 [Saturday]
GS 1731 Archbishops’ Council’s Spending Priorities 2010-2015 [Saturday]
GS 1732 Archbishops’ Council’s Annual Report [Saturday]

GS 1733A Episcopal and Senior Church Posts: A note from the Diocese of Bradford [Sunday]
GS 1733B note from the Dioceses Commission [Sunday]

GS 1734 Appointments to the Archbishops’ Council [Friday]
GS 1735 Chair of the Archbishops’ Council Audit Committee [Friday]

GS 1736 ARCIC Report Life in Christ: note from the Faith and Order Advisory Group [Friday]
GS 1736-01 ARCIC Report Life in Christ: note from the Archbishop of Canterbury
GS 1736-02 ARCIC Report Life in Christ: note from Mgr Andrew Faley and John Sherrington

GS 1737 Archbishops’ Council Review of Constitutions [Sunday]

GS 1738 The Church Representation Rules (Amendment) Resolution 2009 [Monday]
GS 1739 The Clergy Representation Rules (Amendment) Resolution 2009 [Monday]
GS 1738-9X Explanatory Memorandum

GS 1740 Draft Pastoral and Mission Measure [Monday]
GS 1740X Explanatory Memorandum

GS 1741 Legal Officers (Annual Fees) Order 2009 [Monday]
GS 1742 Ecclesiastical Judges, Legal Officers and Others (Fees) Order 2009 [Monday]
GS 1741-2X Explanatory Memorandum
GS 1743 Parochial Fees Order 2009 [Monday]
GS 1743X Explanatory Memorandum

GS 1744 Being Adult about Childhood: A Consideration of the Good Childhood Inquiry [Sunday]
accompanying pamphlet: Children’s Evidence

GS 1745 The Urban Church: Three Years on from Faithful Cities [Saturday]

GS 1746 Clergy Pensions [Saturday]

GS 1747A Diocesan Synod Motion: Clergy Discipline Measure [Monday]
GS 1747B Clergy Discipline Measure: A note from the Clergy Discipline Commission

GS 1748A Diocesan Synod Motion: Confidence in the Bible [contingency business]
GS 1748B The view of Scripture taken by the Church of England and the Anglican Communion

GS 1749 The Church of England Funded pensions Scheme (Additional Lump Sum) (Amendment Rules 2009 [Monday]
GS 1750 The Church of England Pensions (Lump Sum pensions) (Amendment) Rules 2009 [Monday]
GS 1751 The Church of England Pensions (Amendment) Regulations 2009 [Monday]
GS 1749-51X Explanatory Memorandum
GS 1753 The Church of England Funded Pensions Scheme (Revaluation) (Amendment) Rules 2009 [Monday]
GS 1753X Explanatory Memorandum
GS 1754 The Church of England Funded Pensions Scheme (Exclusion of Ineligible persons) (Amendment) Rules 2009 [Monday]
GS 1754X Explanatory Memorandum

Background Papers

GS Misc 918 Human Genome
GS Misc 919 Retirement housing review: second report
GS Misc 921 Engaging with Europe
GS Misc 922 Illustrative Material in Support of the Draft Ecclesiastical Offices (Terms of Service) Regulations
GS Misc 924 Clergy Discipline Committee Annual Report for 2008
GS Misc 925 Archbishops’ Council:Report on its activities since the February Group of Sessions

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David Keen
David Keen
14 years ago

Good to see mission topping the agenda. Oh, sorry, my mistake. Frustrating.

Tim Chesterton
14 years ago

Still resolutely focussed inwards, I see.

14 years ago

This is a link to a video on the upcoming General Convention of the Episcopal Church

Might be worthwhile posting to explain how church governance is done on this side of the Atlantic.

Fr Mark
14 years ago

Tim: quite, that was my reaction too. My goodness, it mostly looks very tedious!

Cynthia Gilliatt
Cynthia Gilliatt
14 years ago

Thanks for posting the link to explaining how we do things over here. Perhaps someone should sit the ABC down and make him watch it before he visits General Convention, as I understand he will. I also wish I could sit the American press down in front of it, before they write news stories about ‘the Episcopals’ etc.

Jay Vos
Jay Vos
14 years ago

Cynthia, right on. Your last sentence is so true.
Don’t these news outlets have copy editors, proof readers, or, pray tell, journalists who know what they’re doing?

Ford Elms
Ford Elms
14 years ago

“news stories about ‘the Episcopals’ etc.” News stories about Christianity, with few exceptions, are very much about being on the outside looking in and seeing the prejudices of the prevailing culture. So, the media isn’t really commenting on the Episcopal Church, but on the public conception of Christianity in general. If you watch the Hollywood image of Christianity, you see it’s a mixture of a few trappings of Catholicism with a variably heavy dose of American style fundamentalism. I’m reminded of Six Feet Under, when David, whose family is Anglo-catholic, is made a deacon. It revealed a woeful lack of… Read more »

14 years ago

What a finger tapping meeting they shall have. Will there be any entertainment on offer between the voting?

14 years ago

Good to see a briefing paper on ethics, theology, theological anthro, and the New Biology among all the offerings. But really it amounts to little more than a pamphlet that says in so many words, Go read our book. The New Biology is another breaking Tsunami that will shortly shake, if not disrupt mightily in some domains of our theo-anthro, our legacy methods, frames, understandings. Few in church life outside academia are looking ahead, down those roads. Certainly not the conservatives who seem to think that prayer and conformity will always stop change dead in its tracks. The ho-hum proceduralism… Read more »

Ren Aguila
Ren Aguila
14 years ago

It might help to remind everyone that unlike the American General Convention, what General Synod does is closely tied to the Church of England’s established status. Among other things, it functions as a legislative body over which Parliament has a right of veto, and whatever it enacts by way of Measure or Canon has the force of law. Hence, it may come as no surprise to me at least that Synod does have a strong concern with legislative/procedural issues. But if I may make a suggestion: would it not be a good thing if at least twice during the five-year… Read more »

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