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"quite intelligent for a bishop"

The Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, Bishop David Chillingworth has been interviewed by Mad Priest, who describes him as “quite intelligent for a bishop”.

Judge for yourself by reading the interview in full here.

Bishop David’s own blog is here.

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Father Ron Smith
14 years ago

re the new Primus of Scotland, Bishop David; what a refreshing change to get a prelate who has spent most of his ministry on the ground (in the parish) – rather than in the more rarified atmosphere of academe!

Having read Bishop David’s blog from time to time, I am aware that his primacy will be one of tried and tested fruitfulness. May God keep him close to the soil. A bit of humus will help the Anglican Communion to grow more healthily into its true environment. Deo Gratias!

Rev L Roberts
Rev L Roberts
14 years ago

Enjoyed the interview and ssociated blog, and its many interesting links. Thank you.

14 years ago

Given the idiotic comments from ACNA and others, finding an intelligent bishop can be perceived as a bit unusual.

England and USA seem to have used very different methods to make spectacularly bad choices. Consider the former bishops of Pittsburgh and San Joaquin. We do not even go to the leadership from Canterbury or the wingnut English bishop who announced New Orleans’ Katrina damage was a result of sinful homosexuality to find sub-optimal choices.


Father Ron Smith
14 years ago

YES! There are more intelligent Bishops in the Anglican Church. I was lucky enough to be in the presence of 3 of them at the ordination of diocesan priests by the Bishop of Norwich in his Cathedral this afternoon. The ceremonial was perfectly, deliciously, English (the candidates were also anointed – something which doesn’t happen in every priestly ordination). The Sermon, by a woman priest, was down to earth, and the music, by a choir of young women, was excellent. None of these 3 Bishops bothered to signal their solidarity with the new ‘Province of ACNA’, so something must be… Read more »

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