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RC adoption agency given leave to appeal

The previous report on this matter is at RC adoption agency loses appeal.

The latest development is that the Charity Tribunal has given approval for an appeal to the High Court against some of its recent findings.

The full text of its decision on the appeal is here: Ruling on Catholic Care’s request for Permission to Appeal (6 July 2009)

Charity Finance explains:

Catholic Care (Diocese of Leeds) has been granted leave to appeal to the High Court against certain parts, but not all, of the Charity Tribunal’s recent decision not to allow it to discriminate against gay people.

As the case is believed to have been the first in which a court or tribunal was asked to consider the correct interpretation of regulation 18 of the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007, the Tribunal said the case “raises a point of law of public importance which it would be appropriate for the High Court to consider on appeal”.

…But now it has said that Catholic Care can take the case to the High Court to argue seven of its 14 grounds for appeal. The seven that are allowed collectively raise the same point of law, namely that the Tribunal erred in its interpretation of the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007 and its interpretation of regulation 18 in particular.

However, it will not allow the charity to appeal against the other seven points raised, concluding that these were “misconceived”.

Third Sector also has a report.

Any appeal will presumably also be of great interest to the Scottish Charity Regulator, which appears to have allowed a Scottish RC agency to make similar changes to its trust deed.

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14 years ago

Wow thanks. I’d temporarily forgotten how tough and hard Roman Catholic doctrines can be. Silly of me, I know, so cases like this will always pop up to remind me.

Better to let the little children languish, than to have them eating bread baked by stinky homosexual parents. Just get it all, sadly sad, right out into the open.

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