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Equality Bill: LGCM briefing

LGCM has published a briefing document on the Equality Bill.

You can find the full text of this document over here.

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Fr Mark
Fr Mark
14 years ago

Great work from Sharon & the LGCM team, well done! It does strike me as really quite outrageous that church schools should be paid by the state and then allowed to treat their gay staff (and, indeed, pupils) as a lower form of life; especially in the light of the increasing awareness amongst education professionals of the harm done by the bullying of gay kids in schools. The way forward (and surely what has always been the Christian way) must be that all schools become places of affirmation, support and acceptance of diversity: this must include staff if it is… Read more »

14 years ago

Yeah, most straight traditional school staff or teachers are so honestly creeped out by you to this or that degree; it’s no wonder they find it stressful to even treat you neutrally, let alone affirm you as a questioning or queer student.

Through real world queer folks, straight folks discover the realities of being straight allies; and we are all enriched. We’re here, we’re queer, we need one another. We still all, neighbors on a small blue planet.

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