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SPCK bookshops latest

Staff sacked from the SPCK chain of bookshops have won a “substantial payout” to quote their union USDAW.
Sacked bookshop staff win payout

Pat Ashcroft reports on this in today’s Church Times Sacked staff see cash at last.
The BBC has Victory for workers sacked by e-mail.
The Church Times blog has Former SPCK workers win tribunal case.

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Cheryl Va.
14 years ago

The problem with court cases is there are settlements with confidentiality agreements – which mean the thugs get to hide behind legal protection. Similarly with church bullying bad enough to drive parishioners to suicide. The bullies “win” by “breaking” the spirit of their victims, who often end up being worse bullies than themselves, or they fall apart/commit suicide/can be discredited so that the bullies aren’t held to account, or there is a court case and the bullies get a contract binding their victims to silence in exchange for money. There will continue to be court cases with settlements and confidentiality… Read more »

14 years ago

Getting judgment is one thing. Seeing the money is another.

Matt Wardman
14 years ago

>Getting judgment is one thing. Seeing the money is another.

It was not a “judgement” – a negotiated settlement was reached by the Charity Commission after they took control of the SSG charity.

The difference between dealing with a reputable organisation and a pair of shysters.

Cheques for first 65% received. The rest is due within 6 months.

I have a podcast interview with the USDAW legal dept going live in the middle of this week here:


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