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reactions to Peter Selby

There have been several reactions to the lecture by Bishop Peter Selby that is reported here.

Adrian Worsfold wrote An Exocet – At Last and later Criticised.

Mark Harris wrote Bishop Selby tells it like it is: Resist the Anglican Covenant.

Tobias Haller wrote Peter Feeds His Sheep.

Fr Jake wrote The Emergence of the Hidden Wisdom of God’s People.

James Richardson wrote Anglican update: Rowan Williams asked to stand against homophobia.

And Colin Coward has begun a series of posts, starting with these:
Archbishop accused of abrogation of responsibility in gay debate
No truth in the House of Bishops
Rejecting the Covenant
Listening, conversation and dialogue

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Father Ron Smith
14 years ago

“The House of Bishops is failing not only itself and the wider Church but the lives of thousands of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members of the Church of England, lay and ordained, their families and friends and congregations. The impact of the House of Bishops’ dishonesty is deep and widespread in the Church – Colin Coward – It has become obvious that the influence of the anti-gay sodality in the Church of England (and elswhere in the Communion) is motivating the culture of denial within the House of Bishops, that prevents them from being honest in dialogue with the… Read more »

Leonardo Ricardo
Leonardo Ricardo
14 years ago

¨Don’t let homophobia set the Anglican agenda, says bishop¨ Bishop Selby/James Richardson Dear Dr. Williams, Are you aware of the CURRENT, yes immediate, threat to LGBT Anglicans in UGANDA? Surely, you have time to ¨comment¨ on the deadly agenda prescribed by Archbishop Orombi and others that will most likely be passed into law very soon? +++Rowan if you are able to remove children from oncoming traffic I hope you´ll also consider a moment of awareness of your further spiritual/moral leadership responsibilities as ¨first amongst¨ at The Anglican Communion. The Gay Cleansing Pogrom/Inquistion is about to begin in Uganda…Anglican/other blood will… Read more »

Peter of Westminster
Peter of Westminster
14 years ago

Thanks you, Leonardo, for that URL.

I do not understand how the Archbishop of Canterbury, a thoughtful and good man, can allow himself to be so morally diminished by events.

Father Ron Smith
14 years ago

“I do not understand how the Archbishop of Canterbury, a thoughtful and good man, can allow himself to be so morally diminished by events.” -Peter of Westminster – I think some of us do understand, Peter. Having accepted the role of Primus-inter-pares, the ABC, Archbishop Rowan, feels an obligation to listen to every side of every argument in the Church. With respect to the LGBT issue, it has become obvious that the GAFCON Primates – mostly from African Provinces – have exerted an extreme level of pressure on the ABC to accede to their view of the inadmissablity of homosexuality… Read more »

Ford Elms
Ford Elms
14 years ago

“Anglican/other blood will flow” Thanks for bringing this to the fore, Leonardo. Sarcasm alert!!!There is some comfort to be taken. For the past 1700 years, give or take, the Church has declared that if the State does it, it isn’t murder. So, no-one’ll be murdered in Uganda. Also, since we are assured by some in the Church of Nigeria that homosexuals aren’t made by God, then it won’t be a part of Creation that’s being destroyed. So no great worries. One of the first steps taken in a genocide is to dehumanize the victims. In Germany in the 30’s, Jews… Read more »

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