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records of House of Commons debate

The Hansard record of the adjournment debate on “The Application of the Sex Discrimination Legislation to Religious Organisations” is now available, starting here.

TheyWorkForYou version is now also available here.

Video of the debate is available at BBC Democracy Live, over here.


Riazat Butt has written a report, now on the Guardian website, The church of England: above the law?

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Laurence C.
Laurence C.
14 years ago

“Robert Key: I suppose that it is another case of one rule for the Indians and another for the chiefs.”

Not the most appropriate remark with which to open a debate on discrimination and equality.

Father Ron Smith
14 years ago

“The debate on this legislation – when it comes to parliament – should not be about disestablishment nor whether parliament should involve itself in religious affairs. It is about, as Key himself said, whether the two houses should endorse something that is illegal. A law is being broken when women bishops will be subject to discrimination because of their gender and it is up to parliament to intervene.” – Riazat Butt – The lack-lustre outcome of this ‘adjournment debate’ on issues of discrimination which took place in the House of Commons should not blind us to the facts that both… Read more »

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