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Equality Bill – Lords Second Reading

You can read the entire debate here at Hansard and continued here, or at TheyWorkForYou it starts here, and then continues here (the debate was interrupted for a discussion of the Defence Statement).

The following individual speeches are interesting:

Archbishop of York and also this.
Bishop of Chester, and also this.
Lord Alli
Lord Harries of Pentregarth
Baroness Gibson of Market Rasen (questions about women bishops)

Baroness Royall of Blaisdon, summing up the debate for the government.

More about this later.

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14 years ago

The Archbishop of York is wrong – the actual legislation for women priests does not permit parishes to petition for extended episcopal oversight – that permission is in the Act of Synod only – and the AofS never came to parliament.

PEVs are therefore not enshrined in legislation whicvh has passed through parliament.

14 years ago

The Bill merely clarifies what both caselaw and the EU directive have suggested was always meant to be the case. The Church must stop trying to find extra ways of discriminating against people. It makes them look like bigots. Perhaps it reflects the reality of their stance

14 years ago

The whole traditional church life antigay business is increasingly expensive on any number of practical global religious and cultural fronts, and yields so far less and less diminishing payoffs in result. Examples? Well, let’s see. In return for Rowan Williams loyal toadying to most of the existing rightwing Anglican antigay views, he has received in return (from that rightwing Anglican sector): (1) the formation of ACNA aimed at being the only existing Anglican New Covenant First Track member left standing after the likely protracted Covenant Complaint Process; (2)state sponsored antigay violence being codified more extremely, with Uganda and Rwanda being… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
14 years ago

I agree with you, Dr. Dan, when you express the notion that acceptance of ACNA as a first class Anglican Communion Covenant partner would place TEC in an invidious position. However, the rest of us Anglicans, who really believe that ACNA’s schismatic stance has already distanced it from any traditional Anglican understanding of a working partnership – based on mutual respect for one another’s redemptive missionary outreach to the marginalised of our individual contexts – may not want to be part of such a compromise. For the Instruments of Unity to consider the claims of ACNA to truly represent Anglicanism… Read more »

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