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General Synod agenda – press reports

Some early reports on next month’s Synod business.

Martin Beckford in the Telegraph BBC’s ‘marginalisation’ of religion to be criticised by Church of England’s governing body

Riazat Butt in The Guardian Religion on TV either marginalised or freak show, clergy complain

Jonathan Wynne-Jones in the Telegraph Church to vote on greater rights for partners of gay clergy

Riazat Butt in The Guardian Delay hits ordination of women bishops

Martha Linden (Press Association) in the Independent Key debate on women bishops delayed

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Peter Edwards
Peter Edwards
14 years ago

Alison Ruoff, a prominent conservative on the General Synod, expressed concern over the implications of the motion. “It wouldn’t be right for the Church to provide gay clergy’s partners with the same pensions as it would mean that the Church would be recognising homosexual relationships in the same way as marriage,” she said. What a silly comment. It’s a bit like saying that the Church would be recognising marriage ‘in the same way as traffic lights.’ It would ‘merely’ recognise the legality of civil partnerships, not to mention their validity in law. Does Ms Ruoff think that married partnerships are… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
14 years ago

“Traditionalists have expressed strong opposition to the move, which they claim would giver official recognition to homosexual relationships” WHAT! And actually admit that such relationships do exist, both in the Church and the World? What ever can the Church be thinking of? – Apart, of course, from the fact that legal Civil Partner-ships are recognised by the State, and by many other secular organisations to boot. Jonathan Clark is right when he says that pension rights should be granted to same-sex partnered clergy. The ‘other party’ is just as much of a support to the beneficed clergy-person as a wife… Read more »

14 years ago

While the C of E dithers on women as bishops consecrated at home, perhaps it could as an act of charity move immediately to recognise the orders of those people ordained by women abroad – both Anglican and in the Porvoo churches.

Can the C of E get its act together in time for Lambeth 2018?

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