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General Synod agenda – more press reports

The Church Times reports on the agenda for February, Margaret Duggan writes Synod’s ‘full agenda’ to include pensions, Fresh Expressions, and religion on TV.

And, in a separate article, Pat Ashworth writes Synod to debate the ACNA. More details of that motion with full copies of the two background papers (and our main discussion of it) can be found here.

The BBC reported Anglican dissidents put back decision on Vatican offer.

In connection with the preceding item, the Church TImes also has an article by Bill Bowder on a meeting earlier this week at Westminster Abbey: Rome not ‘escape hatch’ Abbey conference hears.

And the Carlisle-based News and Star reports Retired Cumbrian producer attacks BBC over religious coverage.

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John B. Chilton
14 years ago

The CT story on the ACNA resolution says, “Bishops were said at the pre-Synod briefing on Monday to be producing an alternative motion.” I presume alternative motions cannot stray far from the original. Is it likely they would be seeking more diplomatic language that amounts to the same thing? The CT story also reminds us that “The Bishops of Blackburn, Exeter, and Winchester will host a lunchtime meeting at the Synod on Tuesday 9 February, at which members can “quiz loyal Anglicans” from the US Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada.” Loyal to what? The plain meaning of… Read more »

Simon Sarmiento
14 years ago

What was said at the briefing was that the HoB was producing an *amendment* to the motion.

An amendment could delete all the words of the original motion and substitute others. That is what we in England would call a “wrecking amendment”. One of the journalists did ask if this amendment was of that type, and the answer given was that it was not.

but until we see the wording of this amendment, it really is fruitless to speculate on its content.

Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
14 years ago

“The disagreement centres on the powers of those bishops – like Andrew Burnham – who are appointed to minister to parishes which oppose women priests.” – BBC Report – And this is precisely what all this is about – not the propagation of the Gospel, but rather the concept of ‘power’. Power in the hands of solely males has brought the world to the place we are in now. It has also, arguably, brought the Church of England into the situation of an embarrassing stand-off – on the issue of women as Leaders in the Church. The likes of Bishop… Read more »

14 years ago

Simon, I assume General Synod is going to look at church finances, including church pensions. I don’t know of any direct way to bring articles to your attention, so I’m doing so through this comment. The Guardian website has an article about a Church of England pension plan investment going bust to the tune of £40 million. Apparently at the height of the USA housing bubble, the CofE chose to invest in a risky scheme involving a large New York City housing development. The housing bubble then collapsed, and investors lost their shirts and chasubles. I think your readers might… Read more »

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