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Inclusive Church Lent Course

Inclusive Church has a new course for new and established Christians: Living Christianity – Everyday Bread.

We are pleased to launch LIVING CHRISTIANITY, a five part programme (ideal for a Lent Course) that takes the shape of the Eucharist to introduce Christian faith in the Inclusive tradition. “Living Christianity is a course to nurture new Christians, to refresh old ones and to catch up with people asking questions about the Christian faith. It has been written by leaders in parish ministry in the Church of England who are concerned to celebrate the breadth and diversity of traditional Anglicanism.”

Available as a book or Digital Download from

Participants’ notes cost £3.99 each, and the Leaders’ notes are £9.99 (or £5.99 to download in .pdf format.

There is an extract from one of the sessions on the web page.

The latest Inclusive Church newsletter is available here.

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14 years ago

Isn’t this a bit late on to the scene? Haven’t churches decided by now what they are doing?

Lois Keen
Lois Keen
14 years ago

It doesn’t have to be for Lent. The church’s tradition was that once the catechumen were baptized, their real education in the faith began. The weeks following Easter Day are perfect such education.

Lois Keen
Lois Keen
14 years ago

Oh good grief, my proofreading is rubbish. That should be “catechumens” and “perfect FOR such education”. Please forgive.

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