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General Synod – reports on Friday's business

updated Friday evening

Synod discussed the compatibility of science and Christian belief this morning.

Stephen Bates in The Guardian General Synod says religion and science not mutually exclusive

BBC Synod emphasises compatibility of religion and science

Press Association Religion compatible with science, synod told

Maria Mackay in Christian Today Science and religion are compatible, says Church of England

Martin Beckford in the Telegraph Atheists are wrong to claim science and religion are incompatible, Church of England says

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14 years ago

Perhaps the religious would like to tell the scientist about the progress of time in linear fashion towards a last day of general resurrection, or indeed an intervention in time of a specific resurrection, or indeed many doctrines given historical ‘substance’ all of which are contradictory to scientific relativity and evolving in chaotic systems never mind versions of philosophical relativity. Religion as pre-set doctrine explains nothing of how and virtually nothing of why. If religion acquired the same ethos of science, that is of revision according to new findings, then it might be compatible with science, but maintenance of tradition… Read more »

John Waldsax
John Waldsax
14 years ago

“Religion ought to be a reflection on and contemplation about what we have found.”

Another classical Adrianism! Another experience free assertion based on fractional truth. Of course religion reflects on what we have have found. It is however not limited to that and should also contemplate that which we have not yet found. BTW, if he had ever worked as a scientist he would know that we constantly speculate on what we have not yet found, or even, what we have not yet understood about that which we have found.

Mynsterpreost (=David Rowett)
14 years ago

Adrian’s perfectly correct – so long as one accepts a particular set of a priori statements. If metaphysics is about word-games to describe human interaction with the environment, then the conclusion inexorably reached is the one from which one sets out. I can’t prove or disprove the a priori! Nor is it my job to do so! There’s an interesting genetic fallacy game to be played here: if religion is capable of being demonstrably coherent with what we know of the universe, then it is possible to hold that is a complete and sufficient explanation of the phenomenon: ie ‘you… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
14 years ago

“Capon added: “I am not suggesting that we should take the Bible, the inspired word of God, with anything other than the utmost seriousness and reverence. But we make a category mistake if we try to read it as a modern scientific textbook. We should be very wary of staking everything on proving or disproving a particular scientific proof.” – Stephen Bates in The Guardian – What Dr. Peter Capon says here is entirely in accord with this modern Church-person’s understanding of the argument about science being not an adversary of religion, but rather from a purely spiritual point… Read more »

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