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Churches and the General Election

The Mission and Public Affairs Division of the Church of England has updated its guidance note on “Countering far right political parties, extremist groups and racist politics”. You can read the January 2010 version here: Countering Racist Politics. (PDF also available)

Churches Together in Britain and Ireland has very comprehensive information at general election churches getting ready including two resource documents:

  • Faith in Politics: Preparing Churches for the General Election 2010
    Document covering a range of the most important policy issues, such as children and young people, criminal justice, the economy, education, environment, health, migration, poverty, and others.
  • Planning a Hustings Meeting
    Guidelines for local churches, Churches Together groups or Christian organisations thinking of organising a hustings meeting. This is also available in Welsh.

These can both be downloaded from here.

And there is a Find a Hustings page.

CCFON has announced that the former Bishop of Rochester, Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali is to host a series of General Election Hustings across England in order to help local Christians question candidates for Westminster seats.

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Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
14 years ago

Looking in on the recommended videos regarding former Bishop of Rochester, Nazir-Ali’s talks about the side-lining of Christians in the U.K., and the reactions to some of his comments, I have been fascinated, and not a little disturbed, by the obvious contention he has managed to stir up from within the Muslim community. For Nazir-Ali to baldly state that their are ‘no-go’ areas for non-Muslims within certain Muslim communities in the U.K. – without actually naming any of those areas – is tantamount to casting doubt on the safety of Christians and others in any community containing our Muslim sisters… Read more »

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