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synod press coverage Monday morning

Guardian Riazat Butt General Synod urged to unite as issue of women bishops divides Church of England

Telegraph Jonathan Wynne-Jones A divided church faces its darkest hour

Independent Jerome Taylor Church on brink of schism as synod votes for women bishops

Daily Mail Behave like Christians on issue of women bishops, Archbishop Sentamu tells warring CofE

The Times Ruth Gledhill article Embattled Archbishop urges synod to behave like children of Christ is behind paywall, but copy is over here.

Press Association Women bishops bid to pass key stage

Editorial opinion

Telegraph Dr Rowan Williams weakened by debate on women bishops

Independent Schism might be a better option


Guardian Martin Rowson on the row over gender and sexuality in the Church of England

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Martin Reynolds
13 years ago

I too thought it most concerning that nearly 40% of bishops voted against their Primates “compromise”.

Very serious.

13 years ago

From the Telegraph:

‘They could have been forgiven for listening to Dr Sentamu’s sermon about the Samaritan, who was left stripped and beaten by the side of the road, and seeing similarities with Dr Williams.’

What version of the bible do they use at York Minster? The version I heard on Sunday in our service had the Samaritan doing the binding up of wounds etc.

…or is it just more outrageous spin.

Cynthia Gilliatt
Cynthia Gilliatt
13 years ago

“Dr Sentamu’s sermon about the Samaritan, who was left stripped and beaten”

This is probably the news writer’s ignorance rather than the Archbishop’s – at least I hope so!

13 years ago

“A divided church faces its darkest hour”

Darkest hour? O_o Wouldn’t that have been, say, when Archbishop Cranmer was going up in smoke?

I hope I may be permitted to say— there are WAY too many DRAMA QUEENS *in* and writing *on* the CofE!

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