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General Synod – electronic voting

Updated Friday

The detailed voting lists from the electronic votes at the July General Synod are now available.

We will be publishing analyses of some of these votes. [Now available here]

Women in the Episcopate legislation – major votes

item 512a – additional dioceses
item 513a – compulsory delegation
item 514 – archbishops’ amendment
item 518 – include clause 2 in the measure
Vote for recommittal – to the revision committee

Women in the Episcopate legislation – other votes

item 522 – remove the need for a two-thirds quorum at PCC meetings considering making a request
item 525 – remove a clerical veto
item 541a – require two-thirds majorities in each house for any subsequent amendment or repeal.

Other votes

item 27 – amend motion on clergy pensions
item 601 – final approval of Additional Weekday Lectionary

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13 years ago

At least one VERY notable name on the clergy abstain list for 514…

13 years ago

Fascinating: on a quick count the vote on the Archbishops’ amendment saw 29 laywomen vote for, 49 laywomen against, and 3 laywomen abstain; 5 clergywomen vote for, 20 clergywomen vote against, and 2 clergywomen abstain. There being no female bishops, one can’t count the women’s vote amongs those votes, but I can hear the cry now; if there weren’t any female clergy, this amendment would have passed, and if women couldn’t have representation in church government at all, it might have got a nice strong majority.

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