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General Synod: Church Times detailed reports – 1

Last week’s Church Times detailed reports of synod debates are now available to all. Here are the links to the main topic of discussion. All other reports will be linked in a second article soon.

Women bishops: Amendments fall in marathon debate

Women bishops: Pictures from the debate

Letters on the topic last week are at Incomprehension all round? Reactions to the General Synod’s voting.

Other Church Times coverage was linked earlier, see over here.

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13 years ago

“The Bishop of Beverley, the Rt Revd Martyn Jarrett (Northern Suffragans), said that … par­ishes could ask for a male incumbent, but not ask that he should have been ordained by a male bishop. That was an impropriety to be avoided. A parish had no legal recourse if an invited male priest then invited a female priest to preside.” Has the Rt Revd Jarrett never learned that life involves SOME risk? The lack of TRUST here is really gob-smacking. Nevermind sacramental “communion”: they (“traditionalists”) have zero trust that they’ll receive even a modicum of courtesy. Given that I can’t believe… Read more »

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