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Christina Baxter interviewed

The Church of Ireland Gazette reports:

Christina Baxter, the Chair of the Church of England General Synod’s House of Laity, Principal of St John’s Theological College in Nottingham and a lay canon of Southwell, has paid tribute to those preparing for ordination in the Church of Ireland. In an interview with the Gazette editor during a visit at the end of August to the Diocese of Down and Dromore, where she led the Bishop’s Bible Week, Dr Baxter said that the Church of Ireland ordinands were all doing a professional certificate through St John’s College, which prepared them for Master’s level training. She said she had been working with the Church of Ireland Theological Institute Principal, Dr Maurice Elliott, on these arrangements.

For the full interview, go to this page.

Her views on the progress of English legislation on Women in the Episcopate may be of interest.

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Father Ron Smith
13 years ago

Having found time, today, to sit down and listen to the Gazette’s interview with Dr. Christina Baxter, I was impressed with her realistic attitude towards the question which asked what she thought might be the outcome of the debate in the English G.S. on Women Bishops in the C.of E. Obviously, from her position as Chair of the House of Laity, one must allow that Dr.Baxter has a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the situation on the ground, as it were; and – despite the fact that General Synod has got as far as it has on the motion – she… Read more »

Simon Sarmiento
13 years ago

In diocesan synods, there is not a requirement for a two-thirds majority.

13 years ago

I can see a call to the priesthood — though this urge seems to come to many who are enthusiastic about the institution (perhaps the clergy is where things seem to happen, where the people are cast as followers). But I would be suspicious of anyone who feels a CALL to the episcopate. If I have read rightly, in the early days, persons were called by the community from its members to lead. We have present examples of persons who have felt a call not only to be bishop, but to be Primate. I would like to see more of… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
13 years ago

Murdoch, I recognise your need to point out the fact that any ‘call’ to the episcopate – and, in fact, for any sacerdotal ministry may first be discerned by the Church community. However, presumably this call, when discerned in the community, would need also to be discerned by the candidate as, finally, coming from God.

Simon, thanks for the correction about no need for a two-thirds majority in diocesan synods. At least, that will be a relief for those of us who feel that General Synod is, and ought to be, the final arbiter.

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