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General Synod – Church Times detailed reports

The detailed reports in the Church Times of last week’s meeting of General Synod are now available to non-subscribers.

Presidential address: Surprise your critics by listening and agreeing, Dr Williams suggests
Big Society? We’re doing it already
Anglican Covenant: Reservations, but the Covenant moves forward
Synod in brief
Legislation and farewells

Also now available are the official record of Business Done and a brief official summary “ideal for use in parish magazines”.

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Father Ron Smith
13 years ago

“So I am urging you to suprise those who are looking on, to suprise them by your loyalty to each other: ‘is your heart true to mine?’ (a quote from John wesley). That loyalty grows and flourishes when we spend time together exploring what has brought us together, which is God”. – Archbishop’s Speech to General Synod – Well, I, for one, was not too surpised by the outcome of the General Synod. With such a speech akin to ‘Man the barricades’, who could have resisted the urge to allow the Covenant to slide through without anyone taking serious note… Read more »

Sara MacVane
Sara MacVane
13 years ago

I think there is something rather nasty about asking people to vote in favor of something to show ‘your heart is true to mine’. The only reason anyone ought to vote in favor of anything (especially anything as controversial as the covenant) is because they believe it is right. I would also have thought that especially those in full favor would wish others to come along out of conviction, not as a sign of ‘loyalty’.

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