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more about Dean Colin Slee

The BBC Radio 4 programme, Last Word, this week carried obituary information about Colin Slee. Here’s the blurb:


Dean of Southwark who has died aged 65.

The Very Reverend Colin Slee was the outspoken Dean of Southwark. He was on the liberal wing of the church, a staunch advocate of women bishops and supporter of gay clergy. But in terms of liturgy and the dress code for priests he was more of an Anglo Catholic, insisting on following what he saw as the proper form. He oversaw the construction of a refectory, conference centre and library to complement the Southwark Cathedral building and presided over the expansion of its congregation.

Last Word spoke the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, to the religious affairs writer Stephen Bates, and to the Chief Executive of the Tutu Foundation UK, Tina Lambert.

Colin Bruce Slee was born 10 November 1945 and died 25 November 2010.

If you have access to BBC iPlayer, then you can hear it from here for a week only. It is the first seven minutes of the programme.

Earlier, we linked to some obituaries. Now we can also add:

Independent The Very Reverend Colin Slee: Controversial liberal dean of Southwark Cathedral by Leigh Hatts

London SE1 Obituary: The Very Revd Colin Slee, Dean of Southwark

and this news report of yesterday: Funeral of Colin Slee at Southwark Cathedral

And the Church Times obituary by Bill Ritson is available over here.

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Father Ron Smith
13 years ago

Having just listened to the interview on BBC with commentators on the life of Colin Slee – as those who knew him well – including ABC Rowan Williams, I was struck by the absolute and warm friendships that Colin was able to retain – despite the obvious differences of opinion on how his inclusive Churchmanship, re women and gays in the Church, was being pursued so unremittingly. He was also noted for his Anglo-Catholic faith – a Characteristic that underpinned his sense of what was required of justice, truth and beauty in the Church. What I, and perhaps many other… Read more »

13 years ago


You might want to add Andrew Nunn’s Advent I sermon, written a few days after the Dean’s death to your collection of links. It is well worth reading.


Fr John
Fr John
13 years ago

Thank you Simon for giving to us the sermons and obituary of our dear friend and brother priest Colin Slee. It has been an inspiration reading and praying on these words, housebound by the snow. Thank you so very much. God Bless Colin, Edith and their family.

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