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Archbishop of Canterbury interview

Adam Forrest has interviewed the Archbishop of Canterbury for The Big Issue in Scotland: This turbulent priest.

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Leonardo Ricardo
13 years ago

Dr. Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, may read 11 languages but he can´t understand the demonized, the persecuted, the tormented and the abused at the Anglican Churches in Uganda, Nigeria, Jamaica, Kenya and beyond–so intelligent and well-meaning but so incapable of simply ¨listening¨ to the shouts and screams of LGBTI Africans and others from afar–many think Dr. Williams is deaf or bewildered and befuddled…or simply he´s unaware that the very ¨oppressed¨ and starving/hurting that NEED his care are the part of the general masses who are clamouring for HIS attention…after all, dear Bishop Rowan, WE are YOUR brothers, sisters, best friends… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
13 years ago

Sadly, all of the Archbishop’s rhetoric about getting on with ‘the more important ‘ aspects of Christian mission’ seems not able to engage with those of us who really believe that homophobia is one of the darkest of sins being practised by the the Churches around the world in our day and age. Along with all other forms of abuse, the menatal and physical abuse of people who cannot alter their basic sexual identity, and are vilified for ‘what they are’, must surly rank among the most ‘avoidable’ wounds within the Body of Christ, the Church. A systemic evasion of… Read more »

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