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General Synod – Tuesday press previews and reports

The BBC previews one debate: Church debates BNP ban for clergy.

And The Telegraph and The Guardian both carry a Press Association report of the debate.
The Telegraph General Synod backs ban on clergy joining the BNP
The Guardian Church of England backs draft ban on clergy joining the BNP

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Father Ron Smith
10 years ago

This sounds to be a very social-justice oriented move on the part of the General Synod. When human rights are in jeopardy by the activities or the philosophy of any particular political system, the clergy have no right to be part of that system. This has always been a problem for the leadership of the Christian Churches. Any movement which encourages discrimination against any lawful sector of society existing within that society, should be out of bounds to the clergy. That is simply the Gospel ethic. How can the Church retain any vailidity for the procloamation of the Gospel if… Read more »

Malcolm French+
10 years ago

While agreeing that no cleric (and, frankly, no Christian) should belong to any fascist party, I do find the wording of the measure a bit troubling. There was a time, not so long ago, when the bench of Libservative of Conserveral bishops would have been quite prepared to declare membership in the UK Labour Party as incompatible with a clerical vocation.

Father Ron Smith
10 years ago

True, Malcom. But then the Labour Party does not have a vested interest in racism.

Malcolm French+
10 years ago

I understand that, Ron. But what I had seen to that point spoke only of parties which contravened Christian principles, or words to that effect. Apparently there was an explicit reference to policies about race, which would answer my principle concern. It’s not that long ago that one could likely have found a solid majority of Bishops (there was no General Synod yet) who would have considered a social democratic political party to violate Christian principles. One must have a care in the wording of motions no matter how laudable their intent. In the first references I saw, it wasn’t… Read more »

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