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General Synod – Wednesday press reports

Riazat Butt in The Guardian: Church must continue to influence debate, says archbishop of York

Maria Mackay in Christian Today: Church has ‘God-given duty’ to shape Britain’s moral order – Sentamu

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Laurence C.
Laurence C.
13 years ago

“Church has God-given duty to shape Britain’s moral order – Sentamu”

This would be the same Sentamu who presides over a diocese where gay clergy are discouraged from applying for posts because it would be “a waste of time”.

And this would be the same Church that has guaranteed seats in the legislature and abuses this special privilege by fighting tooth and nail to attempt to block equality legislation.

Synod member Townsend quoted in the Guardian is spot on.

13 years ago


Now why is that, I wonder? Could it have anything to do with the hierarchy’s sometimes strident attempts at perpetuating inequality? Or its “poor me” witterings?


I have rarely if ever heard the gospels being ridiculed or parodied. But I have heard a great deal of the gospel’s message of inclusion being dismissed, and those being parodied who ought to be preaching it.

If the church ceases to mean anything other than exclusion and status quo, it is no wonder that it is in decline. But the good bishop looks to the wrong reasons.

13 years ago

When a church becomes invested in perpetuating its own secular influence, it has become less church than lobbyist.

The structure formed to give support to those seeking God has become god. The medium is the message.

Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
13 years ago

“His words echoed those of Pope Benedict XVI who, during his historic visit to the UK last September, told Catholics that fidelity to the gospel involved being “dismissed out of hand, ridiculed and parodied”. – Riazatt Butt – What a very different message from that of one-time ABC George Carey, who would seek legislation to ‘protect’ the Church of England from her critics and adversaries. ++John Ebor may not always do or say what we liberals want of him, but, at least on this matter, he is in line with the Gospel – more so than the former ABC, who… Read more »

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