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General Synod resources

There are many General Synod resources on the Church of England website. Here are some that have been recently added or updated.

The verbatim Report of Proceedings: February 2011 is now available.

The verbatim report of the meeting of the House of Laity held on 7 February 2011 is also available.

The Agendas and Papers page now includes links to the General Synod Index. This is a classified list of General Synod papers, issued after each quinquenium, that now goes back to the first General Synod in 1970.

There is also a list of Synod papers in number order with links to online papers. It is not yet complete but is gradually being extended.

There is a forecast of the business for the July 2011 meeting of General Synod. There is a note here to say that the final agenda will be determined by a meeting of the Business Committee on May 25 2011.

There are up-to-date lists of private members’ motions and diocesan synod motions.

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Father Ron Smith
13 years ago

I was surprised to read in the list of diocesan synod motions, that the Bradford Diocese is asking for a measure to allow Baptised adults who have not yet been confirmed to receive the Holy Communion. Our understanding in the Anglican Church of Aotearo/New Zealand and Pasefika is that all Baptised persons – as members of the body of christ – are eligible to receive Holy Communion. It is my experience as a parish priest that the experience of receiving the Eucharist can be the gateway to Confirmation; and that to refuse Holy Communion to any Baptized Christian could be… Read more »

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