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The Archbishop of Canterbury has marked Holy Week by launching a redesign of his website. The contents appear to be much the same as before. BUT everything has been moved, so old links to the site no longer work. All they do is take you to the home page.

If you use the rss feed to read news items from the site, that too has moved. There is a link to the new feed on the home page.

The only announcement that I can find of this redesign was made at 00:03 on Wednesday of this week on the Archbishop’s recently created Facebook fan page. Lambeth Palace did not announce it on Twitter.

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Father Ron Smith
13 years ago

A Jolly good web-site for the ABC – at least, we can see the sort of local area he inhabits. I do like the un-pompous informality with which he addresses the camera. However, on the subject of Marriage – Kate and Wills – the sympathy and empathy he accords to them could well, also, be given to the thought of faithful, committed same-sex relationships in the Church of England – and the prospect of Blessing them.

13 years ago

And then it’s gone! I went there upon reading this this morning, saw the new site, and now, a couple of hours later, it just says “

and directs me to

Surely there’s a story here!

Simon Kershaw
13 years ago

They’re obviously back at work now, whoever is responsible for this site. It’s back up and running now.

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