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General Synod July Outline Agenda published

The outline agenda for the General Synod meeting at York in July is now available from this page, as a PDF file. The information is copied below the fold.

GENERAL SYNOD: JULY 2011 Timetable
Friday 8 July

2.30 p.m. Meeting of the House of Clergy

4.30 p.m. Introductions, Presentations and Welcome to Guests

Address by Archbishop of Tirana, Durrës and All Albania on behalf of the ecumenical guests

Progress of Measures and Statutory Instruments

Business Committee report

Dates of groups of sessions in 2013

Appointments to the Archbishops’ Council

Legal Advisory Commission constitution

6.20 p.m. Evening Worship
from 6.30 p.m. Dinner

8.30 p.m. Questions

Saturday 9 July

9.30 a.m. Presidential Address (by the Archbishop of Canterbury)

Rest of the morning: reflection, discussion and worship in small groups

from 1.00 p.m. Lunch

2.30 p.m. Legislative Business

6.20 p.m. Evening Worship
from 6.30 p.m. Dinner

8.30 p.m. Private Member’s Motion: Mission Action Planning in the Church of England

Sunday 10 July

10.00 a.m. Holy Communion in York Minster

2.30 p.m. Higher Education Funding Changes

Anglican-Methodist Covenant

Bradford Diocesan Synod Motion: Admission of Baptised Adults to Communion

6.20 p.m. Evening Worship
from 6.30 p.m. Dinner

8.30 p.m. Annual Report of the Audit Committee

Annual Report of the Archbishops’ Council

Monday 11 July

9.30 a.m. Morning Worship

Confirmation of the Appointment of the Chair of the Business Committee

Legislative Business

Liturgical Business: Additional Eucharistic Prayers: First Consideration

London DSM: House of Laity elections

1.00 p.m. Lunch

2.30 p.m. Unfinished Business: A Pastoral and Missional Approach for the Next
Decade: A report by the Committee for Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns

Budget of the Archbishops’ Council

Presence and Engagement: Inter faith issues

6.20 p.m. Evening Worship
from 6.30 p.m. Dinner

8.30 p.m. Conversations with the United Reformed Church

Tuesday 12 July

9.30 a.m. Morning Worship

Christians in the Holy Land: Presidential Statement by the Archbishop of Canterbury

Church Commissioners’ Annual Report

The Church and Education: Into the Next 200 Years

12.30 p.m. Prorogation

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Nixon is Lord
Nixon is Lord
13 years ago

When do Rowan Williams and John Sentamu take a bathroom break to make bishops?
And make grownups cry-I’d make a special trip to see that!

John Smallwood
13 years ago

The meeting of the house of clergy will discuss, I believe, the formation of a professional association of church of england clergy. This promises to be a quiet revolution: no red flags flying, no political agenda, no buying-in to any perceived trade union agenda, but an opportunity for clergy to set aside their differences and to counter the juridical nature of the clergy discipline measure and the terms of service through an association of very different minded clergy.

Watch that space.

Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
13 years ago

What, I wonder, do the two Primates of the Church of England have up their capacious chimere sleeves for this gathering of Laity, Clergy and Bishops? What are they ready to veto on this occasion.

Is the matter of Women Bishops to be gotten over in a hurry, behind the scenes or in the gentlemen’s toilets? Or will it simply not be discussed?

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