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Scottish Episcopal Church: General Synod Day 3

Today was the last day of the meeting of the Scottish General Synod.

Here is an official summary of today’s business: General Synod – Saturday 11 June.

The Edinburgh Evening News has this very brief report of yesterday’s business: Synod talks on gay issue.

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Tobias Stanislas Haller
13 years ago

The Most Rev David Chillingworth said: “The prize is a global church held together by the richest of aspiration and the most minimal of structure. But we are human – the question is whether we need some structure and some boundaries to help us to live up to that aspiration.”

I’ll take door number two.

Leonardo Ricardo
13 years ago

I’ll take door number two.¨ TSH+

Yes, I like the door that doesn´t slap me on the backside or smack me in the face– besides, the first door is revolving and the dizzing spin will likely make us all spiritually sick with the whirling of noble ¨aspirations.¨

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