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EHRC report on religious discrimination

Press release from the Equality and Human Rights Commission: Religion or belief discrimination in Britain

A review of research evidence commissioned by the Equality and Human Rights Commission indicates there are different perceptions about the legal protections for religion or belief and about the level of discrimination towards different religions or beliefs.

Evidence in the report shows that people’s understanding of their rights around religion or belief is not always matched by recent changes to equality law. The Commission is concerned that this could be preventing people from using their rights…

View the report: Religious discrimination in Britain: A review of research evidence, 2000-10 by Paul Weller of the University of Derby.

(The Commission’s statistical briefing paper on Religion or Belief is also available.)

Read the interview with Trevor Phillips in the Telegraph: Trevor Phillips wades into debate on religion in modern society by Jonathan Wynne-Jones. This interview has provoked a lot of reactions from all sides, and I will add some further links to these later.

Some responses:

Evangelical Alliance Evangelical Alliance responds to Trevor Phillips on religious freedom and Trevor Phillips’ comments on freedom of religion and belief miss the point, says Evangelical Alliance

Christian Concern Equality Commission questions Christian ‘integration’

British Humanist Association Humanists call for EHRC Chair Trevor Phillips to apologise, following ‘sectarian and divisive’ statements

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Martin Reynolds
13 years ago

Relationships between Trevor and LGBT groups were somewhat strained in the past. The leader of Stonewall resigned his place when there was a move to oust Trevor because his views were not considered kosher.

I think Trevor’s views seem to have moved a tad.

Father Ron Smith
13 years ago

“I think Trevor’s views seem to have moved a tad.”

– Martin Reynolds –

Perhaps not quite to the extent of the Conversion of Saul to Paul, Martin, but undoubtedly a move in the proper (not to say ‘right’) direction?

David Shepherd
13 years ago

The statistical briefing paper makes interesting reading. One table show a steady decline from 2004 to 2009 in the percentage of the population who state their religion as Christian. Over the same period, the Muslim faith has increased its proportion of followers in this country significantly. This may be partly due to immigration, but I would have to consult those stats to be sure. The 5 per cent increase in those who state that they have no religion at all is cause for concern. Also, the fact that so many (449,000) report themselves as Christian with no denomination, and only… Read more »

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