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AMiE: Church Times report and comment

The Church Times has both a news report and a leader comment.

Lambeth rebuke for Kenya ordinations by Ed Thornton

This contains some additional information, including this:

…The Revd Richard Perkins, the senior minister of Christ Church, Balham, an AMIE church, wrote on his blog last week that the three who were ordained in Kenya were staff of the Co-Mission Initiative in the South­wark diocese, of which his church is a member.

He said that “on the presenting issue of homosexual activity”, the Bishop of Southwark, the Rt Revd Christopher Chessun, “has not been able to reassure us that he believes and will teach that the only God-approved context for sexual activity is within heterosexual mar­riage.

“What this means for those Anglican congregations within Co-Mission . . . is that the situation of tem­porarily impaired communion remains unchanged. We do not . . . recognise his spiritual authority over us…”

Leader: A fresh expression of ordination

WAS it all, indeed, just a misunderstanding? The Lambeth Palace gloss on the formation of the Anglican Mission in England (AMIE) this week is that the Archbishop of Kenya was ill-informed about “the precise requirements of English canon law and good practice” when he ordained three clergymen in the Southwark diocese last month. We should have thought that common courtesy might have prevailed and that, after all the discussions about the Covenant, the assumption of some form of oversight of clergy in another province might have rung a warning bell or two in Nairobi.

The Lambeth statement also reveals the surprising fact that Dr Williams is no wiser about the intentions of the new Anglican Mission than the average observer…


  • Lapinbizarre says:

    So Coekin is a “key player” in the establishment of AMiE. A good day’s work when Scott-Joynt & Williams backed him against Bishop Butler on the issue of back-street ordinations in 2006.

  • EmilyH says:

    This is all very confusing for me. At what point does the action of any group in a society cease to be the seeking of a reasonable accommodation for a legitimately held, if minority position, and become, in fact treason? For me, it is at the point when it no longer seeks redress within the society, and no longer accepts its governance. When the American colonies decided that this was the case, they simplified matters with a “Declaration of Independence” clarifying for all their intent. They subsequently sought the assistance of an outside power, France, to realize that aspiration. In the case of both the US’s +Duncan Network and now the English AMiE, the intentions of the group have not been made clear. +Duncan’s attorneys over an over again asserted his desire to remain within TEC. It would seem that Co-Mission’s spokespersons are making the same assertion. However, given the lack of a “declaration”, is its clear decision to 1. not accept the rule of its bishop and 2. to seek offshore support be enough evidence of intent? Additionally, in both the case of +Duncan, (the “Secret Memo” to the GS Steering Committee) and the Kenyon ordinations were done behind closed doors. In both cases, the lack of transparency and the creation of facts on the ground would lead any governing agency to question their integrity, loyalty and motives. The implication that Kenya did not know what was going must be Lambeth speak. It certainly knew what letters dimissory were and there are few more astute politicians than African Anglican hierarchy. Only when +Duncan got caught with the revelation of the “Secret Memo” did the ACNA group begin to admit to its real intentions. Is the evidence of Co-Mission’s refusal to accept its bishop’s authority, seeking and accepting external authority evidence of the same? Is the establishment of an external authority, AMiE, evidence of the same? Is AMiE, a parallel jurisdiction..similar to the ACNA in North America? Again, at what point, without a “declaration” are we dealing with what a state would call treason?

  • Nat says:

    “The Lambeth statement also reveals the surprising fact that Dr Williams is no wiser about the intentions of the new Anglican Mission than the average observer…”

    Not surprising, given Dr. Williams’ ignorance and disregard of ECUSA polity.

  • LondonVicar says:

    The Archbishop of Kenya knew exactly what he was doing.
    See the AMIE press release in full on their website.

    Don’t forget that this the culmination of a 4 year discussion with Lambeth and a 50 page document.

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