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General Synod – Archbishop of Canterbury's Presidential address

The Archbishop of Canterbury gave his presidential address to General Synod this morning. You can read it here:
Archbishop of Canterbury’s Presidential Address.

You can listen to an audio of his address: here.

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12 years ago

More lip-service to God from ABC.

He’s the classic ivory-tower-style liberal: we have to work hard to include and make them feel wanted, as long as they don’t look like us or really cost us anything – in short, as long as we can always keep them a “them.”

No wonder the CofE is imploding with pompous self-serving on one side and academic radical-chic on the other. They won’t know God when He slaps ’em.

A J Barford
A J Barford
12 years ago

“Putting aside for the moment the matter of admissions policies – a good example of how reporting can manufacture a drama out of little more than a restatement of what is already being done – the deeper question is something like this” – ABC

Cathedral admission charges – anyone?

Davis Mac-Iyalla
Davis Mac-Iyalla
12 years ago

I wish His Grace would have had the opportunity to speak with one LGBT Anglican during his visit to Africa, he would have been told how the church in Africa are frustrating its LGBT members into the inner forest to die, just because of their sexuality. Time has come for Anglican leaders to begin to ask and hear the story and testimonies of LGBT Africans, please stop avoiding us.

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