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General Synod – Saturday press roundup 2

Martha Linden of the Press Association (in The Independent) Archbishop attacks self-indulgence

Tim Ross in The Telegraph Phone-hacking scandal: Church of England could withdraw £4 million from News Corp
Jodie Ginsberg and Olesya Dmitracova for Reuters Church of England threatens to pull News Corp investment

Anonymously in The Telegraph Church blocks funeral costs rise
And at the BBC Church of England wedding price rise rejected

Jonathan Wynne-Jones in The Telegraph Archbishop Williams calls for church schools to be inclusive
There is also this press release from the Church of England today about school admissions policies: Publication of new church school admissions advice

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A J Barford
A J Barford
12 years ago

The ethical investment committee sets an example to other institutional investors by holding News Corps’ Board of Directors to account – a case of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. The elephant in the room is Murdoch’s bid for BSkyB and its impact on national life. No comment. Is the committee’s main concern the ethics of the enterprise in its entirety or ensuring News Corp maximises profits to guarantee a handsome dividend payment? Here the Church’s position is severely compromised in its relentless pursuit of bottom line. The gospel reading at York Minster this morning, as elsewhere,… Read more »

12 years ago

I can hardly believe it … the General Synod has actually done something sensible regarding the centralised madness of trying to dictate wedding fees and local charges.

Let’s hope that the next things they do are to accept women bishops (without any exemption clauses) and refuse the Covenant.

Then they might be representative of a more authentic C of E, open, decentralised and affirming.

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