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General Synod – Monday press roundup

Rosie Harper looks back at the recent meeting of General Synod for Cif belief: General Synod: saved by an archbishop on fire.
“The unspeakable tedium of General Synod was enlivened by Rowan Williams’s rallying call for a new language of faith.”

The Independent has this story from the Press Association: Church votes to recruit minorities.

Riazat Butt has blogged Monday’s business for The Guardian.

Tim Ross in The Telegraph Church of England bishops meet ministers over ‘chilling’ effect of equality laws.

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10 years ago

In the first place, new legislation always takes some time to work out the crinkles, and there have been some over-reactions to the point of absurdity. However, for Mrs. Monkton to claim that changes are necessary “to allow Christians express their views at work” is quite a different thing than hotel owners refusing a room to a gay couple, or people wishing to become foster carers who would teach intolerance to the children the state puts in their charge. Perhaps it was deliberate on the part of the headline writer, but “Church of England bishops meet ministers over ‘chilling’ effect… Read more »

Martin Reynolds
10 years ago

Tim Ross in the Telegraph still telling us how it isn’t!
Nobody has been rejected as Foster Parents …… that is not what happened in court or in the local authority.

Randal Oulton
Randal Oulton
10 years ago

Ah yes, that’ll bring ’em in in droves: Church fights rearguard action to defend nurse who refused to wear her cross on a pin instead of a cross on a chain. That’s just exactly the stuff that can keep people riveted as they follow the action.

Laurence Roberts
Laurence Roberts
10 years ago

They are taking self indulgence to new heights !

Not an edifying spectacle for the public.

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