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General Synod – Chair of the Business Committee

I reported here a week ago that the Bishop of Dover had withdrawn his nomination to be the chair of the General Synod’s Business Committee.

William Fittall, the Secretary General, has today issued a paper (GS Misc 998 Appointment of the Chairs of the General Synod’s Business Committee) explaining the background to the bishop’s nomination. The paper also outlines a proposal from the House of Laity Standing Committee that the chair of the Business Committee should not be a bishop, but should be chosen from a wider pool of clergy and laity than is currently eligible. It concludes by inviting comments on what to do next for consideration by the Archbishops’ Council.

Our html copy of GS Misc 998 is here.

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Malcolm French+
12 years ago

Has puir, wee Ro-Ro gotten over his childish hissy fit then?

A J Barford
A J Barford
12 years ago

“The Group came to the unanimous conclusion that, while all could be expected to make significant and varied contributions to the Archbishops’
Council and the Synod over the next 5 years, the Bishop of Dover was the best qualified for this particular role.”

It beggars belief that the best candidate should feel compelled to withdraw. Shocking tactics by the Synod – they should be ashamed of themselves for such underhand tactics.

Mark Bennet
Mark Bennet
12 years ago

The whole point of the current process is that General Synod has a say and is not a rubber stamp. People who can’t say no, can’t say a genuine ‘yes’ either.

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