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more comments on the riots

The Archbishop of Canterbury spoke in the House of Lords yesterday. His remarks are here.

So did the Archbishop of York. Text over here.

The Bishop of London also made comments, after visiting the affected areas. See this.

Today’s Church Times (press date Wednesday) carries reports of church responses.
See Rioters help themselves; Christians help victims by Ed Thornton
and also Bishop contrasts ‘thuggery’ of vandals with soldiers’ sacrifice.

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Father Ron Smith
12 years ago

Perhaps the pictures of youths helping in the clean up in ther aftermath of rioting and looting should encourage people to understand that many of Britain’s youth are ready to get stuck in on the business of reparation – as opposed to the criminal element who choose to take advantage of the mayhem.

The fact that some of our young people are outraged enough to try to make amends for the behaviour of their less civic-minded contemporaries is reason enough not to lump all into the same category of mindless subversives.

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