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Women Bishops – diocesan debate – 17 October

Update 16 November

Truro diocesan synod debated the women bishops legislation today.

The main motion, in favour of the legislation, was passed in all three houses. Here are the voting figures.

  For Against Abstentions
Bishops 1 0 0
Clergy 27 3 1
Laity 33 6 1

The following motion asking for more provision for those opposed was “decisively defeated”.

Update The following motion was the standard CEEC motion.

That this Synod
“Desires that all faithful Anglicans remain and thrive together in the Church of England; and therefore
Calls upon the House of Bishops to bring forward amendments to the draft Bishops and Priests (Consecration and Ordination of Women) Measure to ensure that those unable on theological grounds to accept the ministry of women bishops are able to receive episcopal oversight from a bishop with authority (i.e. ordinary jurisdiction) conferred by the Measure rather than by delegation from a Diocesan Bishop.”

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Perry Butler
Perry Butler
12 years ago

Well things have clearly changed since the days of +Graham Leonard!!

Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
12 years ago

“Well things have clearly changed since the days of +Graham Leonard!!’ – Perry Butler –

Yes, Perry, in his former Church of England situation – but not in his later adopted Church family, amongst the R.C.s. Perhaps the good bishop is now better informed.

Simon Sarmiento
12 years ago

Mgr Graham Leonard died in January 2010.

Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
12 years ago

That’s precisely what I meant, Simon. He may now be in possession of the answer to the ‘problem’.

Prior Aelred
12 years ago

An Episcopal priest I know who has a cure in the C of E told me about being on a flight next to an older man wearing clericals (as was my friend) — “Are you are clergyman?” inquired the older gentleman. “Yes, I’m an Anglican priest,” responded my friend. The older man replied, “I used to be an Anglican clergyman, but then I became a Roman Catholic priest.” “Oh,” said my friend, “you did a Graham Leonard!” With a somewhat distressed look on his face the man replied, “I am Graham Leonard.” It must have seemed a very long flight… Read more »

Nugent Noags
Nugent Noags
12 years ago

It would have been a long journey anyway, Aelred. He had no smalltalk whatsoever.

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