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St Paul's Cathedral: Saturday news and comment

Evening Standard last night
A loose Canon, his Bishop, the Dean and unholy war at St Paul’s
Nick Curtis on how the creators of BBC2 sitcom rev might have written up the theological storm of the past days…

AN Wilson C of E has lost the plot over the St Paul’s camp
The camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral has been a public relations disaster for the Church of England.

Independent this morning
Jerome Taylor Mystery of Archbishop who didn’t speak for his Church

With the prospect of anti-corporate protesters being forcibly removed from the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral by riot police now almost inevitable, the silence from across the river at Lambeth Palace has been deafening.
So far the Archbishop of Canterbury has kept his head far below the ramparts, choosing not to utter a single word on a deepening public relations disaster for the Established Church…

Paul Cahalan and Jerome Taylor God vs Mammon: Britain takes sides
As St Paul’s reopens its doors, the City of London and the cathedral launch legal actions to evict demonstrators, another clergyman resigns in dismay, David Cameron threatens legislation to ban protest camps – and the Archbishop of Canterbury…says nothing.

Tim Walker Canon Mark Oakley considers his position at St Paul’s cathedral

The Rev Dr Giles Fraser’s resignation as Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s over the cathedral’s muddled response to the demonstrators on its doorstep looks unlikely to be the last.
Mandrake is reliably informed that another senior figure in the hierarchy of St Paul’s, Canon Mark Oakley, its affable Canon Treasurer as well as a well-known author and broadcaster, is this weekend wrestling with his conscience.
“I voted the same way as Giles at Chapter as I couldn’t vote for any course of action that might lead at some point to violent behaviour,” Oakley, 43, tells me.

Lucy Mangan St Paul’s – embrace your new flock
‘When you’re dealing with protesters who bring their own portable loos, what’s the worst that can happen?’

Stephen Bates St Paul’s Cathedral resumes normal service after week of rancour (longer version of yesterday’s report)

Marina Hyde Jesus may be with Occupy London, but St Paul would have sided with health and safety
The cathedral’s namesake was a sucker for authority – as the church is and ever was.

Riazat Butt, Shiv Malik and Sandra Laville St Paul’s showdown: lawyers act to clear Occupy London camp

Lawyers will serve notice on activists camped out around St Paul’s Cathedral as early as Monday, as police also finalise plans to forcibly remove them if senior officers are convinced they are causing disruption…

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C. Cooper
C. Cooper
12 years ago

I wish I could say I was surprised by Rowan Cantuar’s silence on the debacle at St Paul’s, but sadly I’m not. Even if he were to speak, who would listen? He has made himself irrelevant, especially on issues of justice and inclusion.

12 years ago
Martin Reynolds
Martin Reynolds
12 years ago

Jerome Taylor asks and answers the dilemma he poses for himself.

It is only former archbishops of Canterbury who are in a position to intervene so unhelpfully.

Of course the bishop of London could ask for Rowan’s help ,,,,,,,, but I dare say we might get treated to another disappointing foray into his thinking on the limits of Human Rights or a treatise on how the Enlightenment has misled us ……

But his performance in Central Africa was outstanding – despite all the naysayers!

C. Cooper
C. Cooper
12 years ago

Agreed Martin. Rowan was impressive in Central Africa. Too bad THAT Rowan fails to show up for work most days.

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