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protesters at St Paul's Cathedral: comment from the blogs

This is a selection of those that I read during the past week. Some of them are several days old now, and don’t reflect the latest developments.

Bishop Alan Wilson has written Showing off? shutting shop? showing up?

Catherine Mayer of Time has written London Protestors 1 God 0: Anti-Capitalism Camp Scores PR Victory Against St Paul’s.

Nick Baines wrote Giles Frazzled.

David Allen Green of the New Statesman has written The protesters and the corporation.

Rachel Mann wrote Not Resigned: Giles Fraser and Establishment and earlier The curious case of St Paul’s and the blocked drains.

Sam Norton wrote Occupy London, St Paul’s and the Rebel.

Charlie Peer wrote Occupy London protest at St Paul’s divides Church of England.

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Chris Smith
Chris Smith

The Bishop of Buckingham should be commended for his comments. This is the gentle shepherd model of being a bishop. I respect his opinion on this topic. I wish the Archbishop of Canterbury would speak out in much the same way. Instead, what do we get? Silence. Isn’t it about time to act like disciples of Jesus?


And Dave Mock, a parish priest in Macclesfield, has written this worthwhile observation on his blog:

elsine beard
elsine beard

As a christian working in a caring profession I have always been heavily influenced by Christ’s word regarding the sheep and the goats. Also that He threw the money lenders out of the Temple. It horrifies me to read of how much money St Pauls is losing a day. What hypocrisy. That amount has to support numerous families for a year. Where in the Bible does it say the Established Church is a money making machine. Where is its outreach to the poor,homeless,hungry,etc. It feels that the progress from Faith and the City has reverted to looking at the Status… Read more »

A Jones
A Jones

I would like to congtaulate the protesters. Not only have they got huge publicity for their protest, but they have also suceeded in getting christian principles headlined on the news media! The only people who have come out badly are the anglican churchmen – apart from Giles Fraser.