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St Paul's Cathedral: Tuesday evening

Following the announcement this morning from St Paul’s, there has been a further development, in that the City of London has issued this press release:
City of London Corporation presses ‘pause’ button overnight on St Paul’s legal action

Stuart Fraser, the City of London Corporation’s Policy Chairman, said today:
‘The Church has changed its standpoint and announced it is suspending legal action on its land.

Given that change, we’ve pressed the ‘pause’ button overnight on legal action affecting the highways – in order to support the Cathedral as an important national institution and give time for reflection.

‘We want to leave more space for a resolution of this difficult issue – while at the same time not backing away from our responsibilities as a Highway Authority.

‘We’re hoping to use a pause – probably of days not weeks – to work out a measured solution.
‘We will make a further announcement tomorrow lunchtime.’


The press release also links to a summary of last Friday’s committee meeting (PDF)

Media reports on all this:

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St Paul’s legal action suspension a ‘breakthrough’ (video from press briefing)

Victoria Ward, and Richard Alleyne Protesters at St Paul’s claim victory as legal action is suspended and earlier Victoria Ward St Paul’s suspends legal action against protesters

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Laurence Roberts
Laurence Roberts
12 years ago

Sacre blue ! An out break of sanity !

Godliness even ?

And at All Saints

wow ..

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