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St Paul's and the protesters: more background articles

In addition to the piece already linked below, by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Time for us to challenge the idols of high finance, here are some more articles on the economic issues involved. (h/t Fulcrum)

Ken Costa wrote in the Financial Times about Why the City should heed the discordant voices of St Paul’s. An edited version is available here..

Luke Bretherton wrote The Real Battle of St Paul’s Cathedral: The Occupy Movement and Millennial Politics.

And we linked here earlier to Occupy London is a nursery for the mind by Madeleine Bunting.

In addition to those recommendations, today there is also:

Jonathan Bartley Occupy LSX and the Church: Why the danger isn’t over

And for some other comments, see also:

Dan Milmo Occupy protesters should target governments not City, LSE chairman says

Sunny Hundal The Church of England should be a natural ally for Occupy protesters

Alan Green Outside St Paul’s Cathedral sits a mess, but it’s a holy mess

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Martin Reynolds
Martin Reynolds
12 years ago

There must be many who share Jonathan Bartley’s genuine concern over just who will be “leading” this endeavor. Again, I think a mistaken step that reflects that people like Chartres are only listening to their own experience and not listening to the very different noises coming out of this particular protest …. or, I think PROCESS is a better word.

Jonathan Jennings
Jonathan Jennings
12 years ago

Some telling observations from Nick Baines can be found here:

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